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March 2nd, 2023, Hilton, Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Under the High Patronage of the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Family

What ?


The B.LEAD'HER NETWORK & ACADEMY network provides women with an opportunity to connect with other accomplished women, exchanging concrete tools to break free from established norms, surpass their limits, and overcome obstacles related to their perception. It encourages them to invest more to reach higher stages: gaining market share, accessing senior roles in organizations, excelling in competitive environments, and impacting Africa's development.

It also aims to facilitate professional interactions, create bridges through high-quality networking, support impactful projects, and foster partnerships.


  • Empower and Equip women with concrete elements enabling them to surpass their limits, stand out, take leadership positions in high-level decision-making, and excel in competitive environments;
  • Empower women with complementary skills, enabling them to participate in transformative value activities, whether locally or abroad;
  • Present inspiring role model journeys to create emulation among women and younger generations of women;
  • Develop experience sharing and high-quality networking to create business opportunities;
  • Unify a network of women who adhere to fundamental African values: solidarity, sharing, hospitality;
  • Build a pragmatic, open, and effective network around female entrepreneurship.


The month of March is one of the times of the year when women refocus on themselves and reflect on their achievements and their journey. It is an opportunity to provide practical answers to their questions, foster emulation, share experiences with them, optimize their empowerment, and enrich them with tools to achieve even more.


"The Technological and Digital Boom: An Opportunity for Optimizing Women's Leadership for Inclusive Development?"



  • Women in Administration;
  • Women in Higher Education, Training Centers, and Universities (National School of Administration and Magistracy-ENAM, Catholic University of Central Africa-UCAC, National Advanced School of Engineering of Yaoundé- ENSPY, University of Yaoundé I-UYI, University of Yaoundé II-UYII, etc.);
  • Business Managers;
  • Self-employed entrepreneurs, etc.

In line with her role, namely leading the women's empowerment policy and promoting capacity building for women in managing their economic activities, the godmother of B.LEAD'HER NETWORK & ACADEMY, H.E. Marie-Thérèse ABENA ONDOA, Minister of Women's Empowerment and Family, will honor us with her presence and participation in this activity dedicated to female leadership, as a prelude to the 2023 International Women's Day.



Mme Abira BONFOH

Honorable Députée à l'Assemblée Nationale du Togo

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Chef de la chaine CRTV NEWS ; Présidente de la section camerounaise de l'Union de la Presse Francophone (UPF)


Mme Sylvia NFONBA

Directeur Orange Business

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 12.30.35 PM

Mme. Gisèle BUSIMA

CEO Futuro Group RDC

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 12.57.43 PM

Mme Al-Nita MOUEN

Directeur de la clientèle des particuliers et du réseau BANQUE ATLANTIQUE Cameroun


Mme Véronique MOAMPEA MBIO

Directeur Général Société Camerounaise de Dépôt Pétrolier - SCDP

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Pr Jean Emmanuel PONDI

Recteur de l’Université des TIC Vice recteur de l’Université de Yaoundé II- SOA

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Co-founder & Deputy CEO BFC GROUP SA Présidente du Réseau B.LEAD’HER

« Because we are the mirror of Africa...»

This phrase encapsulates all of Carole MBESSA ELONGO's actions. According to her, the impact of each of Africa's children should strive to make our continent shine.

Carole MBESSA ELONGO is a passionate and committed business leader. Her professionalism and strong involvement in the projects entrusted to her have allowed her to quickly stand out and join teams working with the State of Cameroon, where she has been involved in the realization of some major structural projects. Her modus operandi is to work towards remarkably impacting the lives of African states and economic actors. Her vision is one of an interconnected Africa of business, where resources truly serve the development and well-being of Africans.

The president of the B.LEAD’HER NETWORK & ACADEMY network spares no effort in mentoring young people through this dedicated platform, to impart to them the numerous skills acquired throughout her journey. Madame MBESSA ELONGO is currently the Co-founder and Deputy General Manager of Business Facilities Corporation Group S.A, a company operating in the weighing, mining and energy, and transportation and logistics sectors. She has also been the Steward since 2019 for the Cameroon Business Forum (CBF) on behalf of the Prime Minister of Cameroon, with the aim of making it the reference event in Sub-Saharan Africa. She is the promoter of the Pro Meet Up and Learn, the main sub-regional platform for exchanges, reflections, sharing, and business, an annual event bringing together business leaders and institutions to address issues related to African economic leadership.

"Do better than yesterday"

When asked how she plans to improve things, she responds with the characteristic smile, 'Do better than yesterday.'

Preaching through action is her motto. 'I do what I say, and I say what I do,' is Al-Nita's mantra.

Al-Nita Mouen is a determined and strong-minded woman. Proactive, helping others to be better is second nature to her. Always on the lookout for suggestions and initiatives to move things forward. She has a flexible approach in everything she does. The engaging manner in which she presents her ideas leaves little doubt to her interlocutors; you feel compelled to follow her example, we can assure you. Her leadership and passion for continuous progress make her an extraordinary driving force in the various environments in which she interacts.

Excellence is her motto; this always-smiling woman does not settle for the bare minimum.

With a background in finance, she has been a banker by profession for over 15 years. Generous and committed, this enthusiast of African Excellence makes it a point of honor to help other women and share her experiences through training sessions and workshops she leads across Africa.

« Leadership positions should be attributed to both men and women, provided they have the merit and the profile. »

As the first woman to head a hydrocarbon structure in Cameroon, Mrs. MOAMPEA MBIO clearly expresses through this statement that skills are not tied to gender, but to a perfect combination of knowledge, know-how, and know-how-to-be mobilized to act appropriately in a well-defined context.

As a manager, she herself had to overcome several major challenges to establish her leadership. Her rich experiences and skills, combined with her selflessness and rigor, have allowed her to rise in a constantly changing world.

Mrs. Fall joined the Bank in 2006, in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. During her ten years in the MENA region, Fatou Fall accumulated solid operational experience in social safeguards and social development issues, including participatory community development, citizen engagement, gender, and sustainable social inclusion.

In addition to her role as a team member, Fatou led policy dialogue, several analytical initiatives, and a project funded by a trust fund in Morocco and Djibouti. Since joining the Africa Region in 2016, she has coordinated the social safeguards team for the countries covered by the Dakar office (Senegal, Mauritania, Cabo Verde, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau).

The first World Bank Resident Representative in Cape Verde holds a Master's degree in Gender and Development from the University of Sussex in England and a postgraduate diploma in social development from the University of Paris Sorbonne.

She now has over 25 years of social development work with significant historical support for development operations in all sectors (human development, sustainable development, and infrastructure). Her managerial skills are coupled with strong dialogue abilities, including in fragile and conflict-affected contexts.

"Don’t just be a lady Be A LEGEND"

With a background in banking, Mrs. Gisele BUSIMA is passionate about addressing the issue of access to credit and its cost. She also addresses entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of good financial management.

It is because she dreams of a Great and Strong Africa that she understands the importance of the emergence of a middle class in countries.

Aware that she must first embody the message she shares, Gisèle Busima decides to leave the United States, the country that was her home for over 20 years, to return to Congo to participate in the construction of a more prosperous and high-performing Africa.

"The development and implementation of winning strategies to capture market share and propel her organization to a higher level"

Her managerial career in sales, commercial marketing, and technical sales, along with her rich experience in project transformation management and mentoring high-performing teams, including developing and implementing sales strategies and managing public relations, has given her equally important skills in both professional and personal life. She serves as a true mentor for young women looking to stand out in the world of employment.

"Yes! I am a woman! Yes, I am CAPABLE..."

Give us this chance, and you will judge our ability to be better, to do things differently..."
These words of Honorable Abira BONFOH, a member of the National Assembly of Togo during the previous International Women's Day, come in a context where more and more women show courage and unleash their performances, climb the ranks, and rise to occupy high positions in society. Today, women leaders assert their authenticity through agility in building trust relationships; a strong focus on activities with a positive impact, and transparency in work.